If I only have queries what can I say?

Iam Nobody
1 min readMar 16, 2023

We “didn’t” bail out silicon valley?
Then we “didn’t” bail out a lawyers bank?

Is this a harbinger of things to come?
Are we bailing out the depositors of every bank in order of economic importance?

Can I agree with the calls for calm, and ask questions all at once?

Can we all feel the fear that the sky might be falling?

Are we strutting atop a house of cards?

What exactly have we built in this country since the end of the Cold War?
What have we used America’s golden calm to do?
What is our purpose?


Whenre are we?

Are we before the technological singularity but during the climate readjustment?

How is there not enough money during prolonged inflation?

Are we defending peaceful sovereignty violently?

Do we gotta get off this planet, and out of this solar system?
Is colonizing mars, merely building our grave?
And don’t we need the rare earth minerals on the red planet for our warp gate powered by the gas giants?

Is this sun wrong?

Can we find a new one?